Also check out Democrat Speaker of the House in NM caught on the run over bill to stop Drivers Licenses for undocumented immigrants

From in a post titled Nuñez says he has the votes to blast driver’s license bill where I found the image to the left of Andy Nunez.

"Rep. Andy Nuñez, I-Hatch, says he has the votes to pull his bill that would outlaw giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants out of a committee where it has been tabled for consideration on the House floor.

“I’ve got enough votes to get it out,” he said about House Bill 78.

The House just convened. You can listen live here.

Nuñez said Democrats asked him to allow them to caucus behind closed doors before he makes the attempt to blast the bill out of the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee and to the floor. So expect a brief recess before this all plays out."

By the way 72% of NM voters polled this last election support such a bill. 

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