Also see CBO: Full privatization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is the way to go... and Democrats the party of "no" under Bush said "no" to Social Security reform and reform of Fannie and Freddie and then "yes" to further burden the Government with ObamaCare and Obama administration admitting that Fannie and Freddie were a "core part" of the country's financial woes

And for all the evidence you will need to prove that the current economic crisis of 2008 had nothing to do tax policy over the last decade. Combined bailouts for Wall Street about $50 billion but Fannie and Freddie alone is already $135 billion and newest estimate could be from $154 to $259 billion.
GSE Fannie Mae and Private Sector Countrywide exposed on CBS as big players in our current economic crisis. 
Video: Why do we need to rely upon regulation to protect us from our banks?
Check out the #2 Most Viewed Video of All Time on YouTube in Canada in the category of News and Politics
ABC reports on bonuses for bailed out Wall Street banks but fail to mention $43 million in bonuses for Government owned Fannie and Freddie after cap of bailout has been lifted from $400 billion to unlimited.
Fannie and Freddie bailed out cap has been raised from $400 billion to now an unlimited amount of tax payer's money.
Video: Daniel Hannan responds to the G-20 meeting in Pittsburg claiming excessive Government intervention created our current economic crisis
5.5 million hit YouTube from Canada explains how Republicans predicted the financial crisis via Government's failure to regulate their own companies
How did we get into this financial crisis? Quick video with many links to research
CNNMoney reports that Fannie and Freddie will be the most expensive bailout
45 minute video explaining new Congressional Report that argues the Federal Government was culprit in Housing and Economic crisis
Obama administration admitting that Fannie and Freddie were a "core part" of the country's financial woes
CSPAN video of recent hearings on Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC part 1 and 2 and previous posts as to why our economy is the way it is.
In total, the government has committed about $2 trillion to support Fannie and Freddie
The mortgage crisis explained from 1913 to the present....
In 1991 conservatives were pushing for the full privatization of Fannie and Freddie and warned of what is happening now if we didn't and here we are..
YouTube from '04 hearing proving Republicans were trying to reform Fannie and Freddie which are back in the news in a big $400 billion dollar way
New York Times articles in 1999 and 2003 on the Economy
New York Times not telling you the whole story once again
Media is not giving you the whole Mortgage Crisis story: Fannie and Freddie is Enron x 19/Microsoft Sized Monopoly/Leading Compaign Giver and Lobbyist
The Economy and what Big Media is not telling you...
Obama's connection with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac ignored in Big Media. The Fact that Bush tried to reform Freddie and Fannie ignored in Big Media.
Orson Scott Card (Democrat who is also, highly critical of the free-market and capitalism) writes a powerful argument and telling piece!!! Must read!!
$4.6 of the $6.6 trillion mortgage-backed securities at the heart of the financial crisis are from Government Sponsored Enterprises!!!!
Dow has gained 1400 points since 11/21/2008 after dropping 2000 points from 11/4/2008 to 11/20/2008 inspite of recession and unemployment news...
New York Times refutes itself when blaming Bush for the economic crisis. Fannie and Freddie leveraged their government-sponsored advantages...
BBC News: "Fannie...and...Freddie is the biggest corporate rescue in history...leaving a grey area between being government owned and private sector"
Fannie and Freddie CEO's make it clear that Fannie and Freddie were not truely private sector companies....
The economy and the cause and how many know enough to justify their vote? Testimony of Brian Welch of Korn. Jill Stanek's blog moves into top 7000.
Wall Street Journal reports on causes of the housing bubble that burst our economy and in the long run helped no one out...
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae in 5th grade termsFound this excellent article on concering Fannie and Freddie

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