Last Week In Review


UK therapist in trouble

Christian therapist in the UK in trouble for counseling a man who wanted to break free from homosexuality

Why we must elect a new President in 2012?

Video: Why responsible Americans need to elect a new responsible President in 2012?

Obama's record February deficit eclipses the deficit under Bush for the entire 2007 year. Unbelievable....

Video: Representative Todd Akin explains our fiscal crisis on the House floor

Video: Are we broke?


Latest Gallup poll shows strong support of Americans to cut government and stop taxing and borrowing to reduce state budgets

Apologetics is wrong about the center of the Bible part 2.


Audience is relevant in the Book of Revelation


Planned Parenthood

Video: Planned Parenthood activists take to the streets and reveal what they are all about

Economy and taxes

Video: Democrat Joe Manchin on the Senate floor calling on Obama's leadership

Video: Michele Bachmann exposes $105 billion stashed away in ObamaCare and demands it be given back

Rand Paul

Video: Rand Paul and his toilets and speaking of low flush toilets in San Francisco

Video: Rand Paul's excellent comments on the House floor during budget debate


Video: School choice vs Teacher unions in DC

New Mexico

Video: NM House representative Sandra Jeff interview. Explains why she voted yes on a bill intended to ban illegal immigrants from getting a NM driver's license.

Same Sex Marriage

Illinois gay couple files complaint agianst Christian B&B owners for refusing civil union ceremony

Video: CSPAN interview of both sides of DOMA as House Republicans pick up the ball to defend the law as the White House dropped

Liberal Media Bias

NPR executive: Liberal equals intellectual and Conservative equals anti-intellectual in America

Faith and Family Studies

Sex and immorality doesn't sell according to the movie box office for the 19th year in a row and according to an APA study

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