Last Week In Review


How much would we have to tax the rich to pay for our debt?

Video: Eat the Rich and also see Video: Who's more responsible: Charlie Sheen or Washington?

Huckabee leads Obama 49% to 40% amongst Independents

Latest Poll: Huckabee 46% Obama 46% and also see Huckabee 2012?: We can't afford 4 more

Planned Parenthood

Video: Planned Parenthood willing to give up basic health services to women in order to keep doing abortions and also see New TV ad with Abby Johnson to defund Planned Parenthood


Election Watch

Video: Talking twin babies discussing why Huckabee needs to run for President 

GOP Watch

Video: Rep Woodall co-sponsor of Government Shutdown Prevention Act talks about the Act with link to the Act

Boehner: "Pass the Damn thing" as Senate Democrats have yet to be able to pass a budget.

Supreme Court

Wal-Mart v Dukes: a quick 5 minute vidoe analysis of what is being argued before the Supreme Court today

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