Some good news possibly? This is a first. Reid and Boehner making a joint statement?

“We have narrowed the issues, however, we have not yet reached an agreement. We will continue to work through the night to attempt to resolve our remaining differences.”-From Boehner's blog.

The Facts:

This is a budget that Democrats couldn't pass when they controlled the House, Senate and White House last year.

The House under Republican leadership finally passed the budget some 47 days ago.

The Senate under Democrat leadership had two votes on a budget this year. One which was the House bill which got 2 more votes than the Democrat budget did in the Democrat lead Senate.

The House just passed another short term budget to fund the Government for another week and the military till the end of this fiscal year.

For what the debate is all about and why Democrats are not accepting of this new bill passed today in the House and why Republicans want the Senate to pass the new bill watch below from Thursday's debate.

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