Unbelievable. New York Times article titled The One-Man Political Machine (02/17/2011) stated that Donald Trump gave a $50,000 contribution to help elect Obama's former Chief of Staff as mayor of Chicago:

"Many of his biggest contributors live outside Chicago. He received large checks from New York (the financiers Roger Altman, Ronald Perelman and Donald Trump each gave $50,000); Silicon Valley ($50,000 from Steve Jobs); and especially Southern California, where Emanuel’s brother, Ari, a powerful Hollywood agent, raised money on his behalf. David Geffen gave $100,000, Steven Spielberg $75,000."

He is claiming to be pro-life, faith, family and limited government when he supported Rahm Emanuel as mayor in Chicago as late as this year. Trump may have been changed from pro-choice to pro-life some years ago but it clearly it wasn't an epiphany enough. He may believe that Obama is taking us down the wrong road but apparently he is not that far off Obama's road with a donation of the likes as late in the game is this one must have been. Rahm was elected mayor of Chicago in February 22nd of this year and began his run for mayor about 6 months ago on 10/01/2010. So this donation from Trump would have had to have been in the last 6 months.

HT LifeSiteNews.com in article titled Trump claims pro-life conversion ‘years’ ago - despite endorsing Hillary Clinton

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