Last Week In Review


John Newton

Video: The story of John Newton with documentation told by Brian Edwards

One of the best pro-life songs ever written

Video: King's X "Legal Kill". One of the best pro-life songs ever

In the 90's under Clinton the budget was balanced why should one trust Republicans to balance the budget now?

Watch James Lankford (R) destroy the argument that under the Clinton administration the budget was balanced also see Video: Paul Ryan on Face the Nation and Charlie Rose show about the budget and response to Obama and Video: Huckabee responds to Obama's response to the Republican Budget


Cartoon: US credit rating down graded


Election Watch

Gary Johnson: I believe in a woman's right to choose

Planned Parenthood

Video: Abby Johnson in new commercial for defunding Planned Parenthood


Sandy Springs, Georgia: A successfull story of localism and the people taking back their city with people solutions

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