Update: Here are the actual numbers which I found at race42012.com...

* Huckabee – 43%
* Obama – 43%

* Romney Obama – 45%
* Obama Romney – 40%

* Obama – 42%
* Paul – 34%

* Obama – 42%
* Barbour – 34%

* Obama – 45%
* Pawlenty – 35%

* Obama – 48%
* Palin – 38%

* Obama – 42%
* Huntsman – 31%

* Obama – 49%
* Gingrich – 37%

* Obama – 45%
* Daniels – 32%

* Obama – 43%
* Cain – 25%

Rasmussen just released this result in article titled Election 2012: Obama Between 42% and 49% Against All Republicans Tested

"The numbers show that Mike Huckabee runs even with Obama at this point. Mitt Romney, who just formally entered the race, trails the president by five, 45% to 40%. Others who trail by single digits include Ron Paul and Haley Barbour. Candidates trailing by double digits include Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels, Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman."

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This is a second poll in less than a month that shows Huckabee even with Obama. For the first back on March 31st see Latest Poll: Huckabee 46% Obama 46%. In that poll it showed that Among the all important Independents Huckabee takes out Obama by a score of 49% to 40% while Mitt Romney again looses by a point to Obama amongst Independents by a score of 45% to 44%.

Two other recent polls show Trump up in the Republican primary polls. A NBC/WSJ showed Romney with 21% and Huckabee and Trump with 17%. But just today CNN released a poll showing Huckabee and Trump at 19% while Romney is down at 11%. Now each poll has different ways of asking questions, of who they are asking questions and demographics. Click on links to see the differences.

I do not like Trump at all. Especially after he said he might run as an Independent if he did not win the Republican primary. This would definitely hurt his cause in getting Obama out of office and the Republican cause of the same. Reminds me of Ross Perot with Clinton and Bush Sr. This is dangerous and for him to even suggest it gives reason to beware of Trump.

A good note in the recent CNN poll to end with is that they also asked those polled who they would like to see run regardless of who they support and Huckabee received the highest score at 72% and Trump received the second lowest score next to Palin of 56% and for good reason. Most don't believe he has a chance to beat Obama but can only divide up the votes necessary to beat Obama. This is why many do not want to see Palin run.

This is one of the many reasons why I like Huckabee it appears he can unite many of the differences in the Republican party and even the Independents as revealed in the recent poll as noted above by a score of 49% to 40% over Obama. See Huckabee sweeps Romney and Palin amongst Moderate, Conservative and Tea Party Republicans in latest CNN poll. Not to fail to mention that Huckabee continues to do the best up against Obama and consistently has the lowest unfavorable scores or negative scores as you compare most all negative scores across the board in most all the polls which further shows that he is the least divisive of those in the group which will be important when going up against Obama with a billion dollar campaign budget.

And lastly you have to win in the key states like Florida and Huckabee is beating Obama in Florida by a 5 point margin while Trump is down by 8% in Florida. So keep those key states in mind also. For those recent results click here.

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