Last Week In Review


Reagan on courage and goodness

Reagan: It's not enough to depend on our own courage and goodness...

Huckabee vs Obama

Video: Huckabee on Fox News Sunday

Donald Trump no way

New York Times: Donald Trump gave $50,000 to help elect Rahm Emanuel as mayor in Chicago


Video: Debate of two key players on the issue same sex marriage from both sides


Video: Easter ad banned in California cinemas because it mentions the word Jesus.

GOP Watch

Video: Rand Paul from the Senate floor over the Federal Budget

Video: Tim Scott defending the Republican budget on the House floor

Video: James Lankford in debate over the Republican budget on the House floor

Video: Governor Scott Walker in recent House hearing

FY 2011 budget deal includes cuts to International Family Planning by $73 million

We the People won on this budget deal when taken in context of last year and last year's elections

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