Rep James Lankford has become one of VVN's favorite freshman representatives in this 2011 congress. Here is James in his first weekly address this week. After you watch below videos check out James Lankford's most excellent pro-life speech on the House floor being his first House floor debate speech at Video: Watch Freshman Rep. James Lankford give an excellent pro-life and debut speech on the House floor and then his excellent rebuttal on the House floor as a Democrat points to the Clinton administration and the balanced budget in the 90's at Watch James Lankford (R) destroy the argument that under the Clinton administration the budget was balanced and also see Video: James Lankford in debate over the Republican budget on the House floor

Here is well known Christian music artist in a sense endorsing James Lankford for congress before his win in November.

Here is a concert to benefit James Lankford that Christ Tomlin and others did.

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