Update 04/13/2011: Gallup poll proves it was a win for the American voter. Finally a Government deal that is backed by the American voter. See Americans Back Budget Deal but Declare No Winner

If it weren't for the 2010 elections of the American people taking back their Government I do not believe we would have gotten what we got in the deal struck in the 11th hour. Consider this:

We forced congress to earn their pay on passing this budget in the 11th hour that was suppose to be passed last year. They struck a bi-partisan deal and we got historic cuts and got American tax payers out of funding abortions in DC. This was a budget that even under a one party ruled House, Senate and White House couldn't get passed last year. Now under a divided Government "We the people..." with the newly elected Republican House come in and take the lead and get it done. Excellent victory for the American people especially compared to last year...ELECTIONS DO HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!! Read more below and click on link to get Jill Stanek and Huckeabee's view. Now for the real fights: the debt limit and the 2012 budget!!!

Here is Jill Stanek and Huckabee on the budget compromise

Here is my thanks to Boehner for getting what he got out of the deal and not forgetting the pro-life issues:

"Thank you Boehner for keeping the discussion going to the last moment and not allowing a Government Shut Down which I believe would have hurt our shared goals of debt and deficit reduction and life for the long run. By a score of 58-33 Americans wanted a compromise over a shut down and it appears that you got the best you could. 39 or 78 billion in cuts depending on what you're baseline is that being the Obama proposal or I believe last year's budget. You kept the American people engaged in the debate over budgeting and cuts. By taking it to the last hour and compromising you kept the debate open in dramatic fashion over an issue that is in dire need of debate and grown up conversation. I am pro-life and am thankful that you fought for the vote and debate in the Senate on Planned Parenthood to keep that issue before the American people as long as possible and to put "pro-life" Democrats in the hot seat. Thank you for getting the American tax payer out of the business of funding abortion in DC. And for that may God richly bless your strategy and give you the wisdom you need to do your job in THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE. Considering you were going up against the Senate and the White House I believe God has already blessed your work and when you protect American tax payers from being forced to pay for abortions I have reason to believe in further future blessings from God on our leaders like yourself and on the American People. Thank you and may God bless you....I have reason to praise God. I bet the Dems are kicking themselves for not passing a budget last year now!!! :)."

Found image above from WallBuilders....

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