Update: Wisconsin Election Results: Prosser leads now by 100+ votes as counties even after Kloppenburg declared victory

Update: Kloppenburg lead now only 240 224 235 votes with 3 1 precincts in a Prosser county to go. Two in Kloppenburger counties and one in Prosser's county to go. See links below to keep up to date.

Here is the most current score I can find which is found at this link here. I have also been paying attention to the Open Thread post at HotAir.com. You can click here for a county by county to see what remaining counties are to be counted and who is strong in each. There are 5 precincts left 3 that favor Kloppenburg and 2 that favor Prosser. I am sure there will be recounts. Either way Wisconsinites are split on what Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin it appears for now.

Supreme Court REPORTING 99%
Joanne Kloppenburg
David Prosser (inc)

Clearly this is a vote for or against what Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin. Check out this ad from the left that I found at liberal blog FireDogLake.

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