Update: Here is a link to someone who is comparing the county counts with the latest AP count and the numbers are changing by the minute as other votes are being "canvassed". Now Prosser is down by 25 55 83 votes. Wow!!! The excitement continues....Wisconsin truly is a divided state!!! It appears they are done for the day and will resume tomorrow but who knows. Keep an eye out.... Here is a good read as you wait check out Madison vs. the Rest of Wisconsin: "Prosser would have won Wisconsin by a comfortable 53.3 percent to 46.7 percent margin. The non-Dane County Prosser vote actually exceeds the 52.3 percent Walker received statewide in November. It wasn’t the state’s voters rejecting Walker’s agenda — it was Dane County’s government workers attempting to keep their paychecks intact."

This is an update to Wisconsin Election Results: Kloppenburg ahead by 447 votes with 5 precincts left

Kloppenburg declared victory as she was reportedly ahead by 204 votes over Prosser. But the AP as reported below did not take into account a counties' adjustment some 4 hours after they last checked a counties' result. Then yet another county reported more votes for Prosser. So right now he is in the lead.

This from Gateway Pundit...

"An editor at the AP said the news service became aware of the discrepancy in the past hour. The AP last checked figures with Winnebago County at 10:14 a.m. Wednesday, according to the AP. The county adjusted its figures at 2:27 p.m."

This from HotAir.com....

"See for yourself by comparing the official county results with the AP’s election night page. Combined, the two candidates picked up more than a thousand votes, which makes me wonder how often this race might seesaw as other officials re-canvass and update their numbers...."

" Randy Melchert says Prosser’s netted another 200 votes in New Berlin while Kloppenburg’s only picked up a few in the (still ongoing) re-canvassing of Madison. Good lord. We might actually win this...."

Clearly this is a vote for or against what Governor Walker is doing in Wisconsin. Check out this ad from the left that I found at liberal blog FireDogLake. And clearly Wisconsinites are evenly split on the issue no matter who wins.

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