Last Week In Review


The moon and the symbol of the blood of Christ

First liquid poured on the moon was the symbol of the blood of Christ.

Mike Pence: "Osama Bin Laden is dead"

Video: Mike Pence speech on the House floor "Osama Bin Laden is Dead"

Canada gone conservative in a big way

Canada gone Conservative


Video: Macho Sauce

Video: How to shrink Big Government pain in your butt

Video: Songs of the struggle of Faith

Video: Evolution, Apes, Liberals, Hypocrisy and Presidents of different color



True story of how the Obama Moratorium on drilling forced an innocent company into bankruptcy

Liberal Media Bias

Andrew Breitbart on CSPAN talking about Righteous Indignation....

GOP Watch

Rep. James Lankford's speech to end tax payer funding of abortion from the House floor as bi-partisan bill passes 251-175

Huckabee 2012

Huckabee to decide in a month or two possibly in June and Huckabee's speech before the NRA in 2011

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