1) This will be announced on his Huckabee show program. What a let down to announce on his show that he is not running for Presidency. Is this good for ratings?

2) He has repeatedly and forcefully said he would not decide till June or July. To decide to run before then would be one thing but to decide not to run before then on his own show would be quite another. Besides I do not believe he will announce he is running but to set up an exploratory committee as the reason why he is going off air on the Huckabee show for the primaries. Notice the comments made by Wood Fraser, the executive producer of the Huckabee show “Governor Huckabee will announce tomorrow night on his program whether or not he intends to explore a presidential bid...”

3) But maybe the biggest reason why he will come out specifically this week is in part as a response to Romney's recent comments and stance on RomneyCare. Huckabee has repeatedly said that he could vote for Romney but at the same time was very concerned about RomneyCare and suggested that Romney apologize in some way about his support of more government control of health care in Massachusetts. But Romney did not. See HotAir.com's recent post at Romney’s speech on RomneyCare: I’m not sorry. So this could have been the spark that lit the fire for Huckabee on another Presidential run.

Now I could be wrong and I am biased toward Huckabee as you can tell by the label and tomorrow we will know more. Stay tuned...

Update: Huckabee was just interviewed on the Cavuto show and Neil believes tomorrow will be the last Huckabee show as so does VVN. The end of the interview concluded with Huckabee commenting on RomneyCare.

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