What a bummer (watch his announcement in below video). But Huckabee sought God on this as he pointed out on his show tonight and didn't believe this was God's will for his life. VVN is greatly disappointed but respects Huckabee's decision and rationale behind it. What a great witness to Christ it was though we social conservatives are disappointed. Let God's will be done and may we glory in Christ alone.

My kids are happy for they were sad that they wouldn't be able to hear the Huckabee Report if Huckabee ran for President. Well now they will still get to hear the Huckabee Report and so will I.

VVN will be paying attention to Huckabee's commentaries and possible endorsements and take it from there. VVN right now doesn't have a favorite. Leaning Cain for now but does he have a chance. I suppose the future debates will tell and now that Huckabee is truly out of it we will see where the social conservatives like myself go and will be paying close attention to Huckabee's wisdom on this.

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