I start with part 2 of this video to show how loving modest women are being toward Godly men. My favorite line of this sermon and I believe many Christian men will relate:

"I heard a story of one of the ladies in our ministry who went shopping and really liked a shirt she was trying on. Then, she thought, "No, I can't do this to the guys." She has decided that serving the Lord and her brothers is more important. Glory to God for women like that."

As you watch below just a quick note on CJ Mahaney. I didn't know him from Adam when I first heard this. But he is the ex-pastor of the very church that Joshua Harris now pastors. You will notice some similarities in preaching. Joshua Harris wrote a well known book called "I kissed dating goodbye". For more see Sovereign Grace Ministries.

Also see What does praying for kings and modesty have in common? and Scriptures teach that modesty is just as much a sign of Godliness as prayer is. and Modesty is more than what you wear on the outside it's a reflection of one's beliefs and attitudes from the heart. and Why do men want to have sex with lots of women?

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