Last Week In Review

Just last night the headline was clearly Osama Bin Laden's death. But besides this week was rather tame from VVN's perspective so the headlines will be more of a spiritual one this wee.


Video: Jesus is the Currency in Heaven

What if Jesus or Mohammed had never been born?

Videos: Prodigal Praise songs

CJ Mahaney gives his testimony of God's grace

Video: Earth Day Zoway


Gallup: America evenly divided on Obama's plan vs Republican plan to reduce the deficit but favor Republicans to handle budget over Democrats in congress


Cartoon: Entitlement reform Obama Style

Cartoon: Bipartisanship Obama Style


James Lankford

Rep. James Lankford delivers the Republican Weekly Address.

Rand Paul

Video: Rand Paul interviewed about The Tea Party Goes To Washington on CBNNews

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan gets a Standing Ovation at latest townhall meeting

Video: Paul Ryan answers tough questions about the Republican budget


Video: Huckabee interviews author of No You Can't

Obama Watch

Finally President Obama releases his birth certificate and no thanks to Trump rather a story of "We the people..."


The New Covenant vs The Old Covenant

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