Keep an eye out for Rick Perry for President. If Perry runs Values Voter News will probably be backing him for President. Anybody but Romney and beyond that anybody but Obama. But Perry has a proven record on Faith, Family, Life and Freedom issues and has an economy like no other in Texas. For more on that see Texas-Sized Job Growth and for more on Perry and why VVN likes Perry for President see Rick Perry.

VVN still likes Cain/Bachman if Perry doesn't enter but if Perry enters and depending on his electability he seems to be the one that can replace Huckabee and more. He has the pro-life, faith and family record that will round up those social conservatives and a record of limited Government in Texas that is creating jobs and an economy like no other which should round up some Romney supporters though not all of those more moderate Romney supporters.

Now for tonight's debate what I am looking to see is how Romney does in his first debate defending some of the comments he has made about climate change and Romney care. Tune into CNN tonight at 8 pm ET.

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