This is the second poll that has suggested a surge for Cain in Florida. Will this translate elsewhere? Who knows but yesterday I sent an email out to friends that Values Voter News is having a change in heart over Perry. Perry would make a much better President than Obama but Romney consistently does better up against Obama than Perry and the reality of having to have Obama in for another 4 years was setting in. Plus Perry doesn't seem to represent and debate our values as well as Romney does. So I was and still am considering getting behind Romney but now that Cain has popped up and Cain is one that I have liked from the beginning I think I have to stick with Cain, Perry or Romney and wait and see how Cain matches up against Obama.

One flaw in Cain is that he did great in the first debate but then the media called him out on some unpolotically correct speech and it seemed to throw him off along with some lack of knowledge on some Governmental issues. But he seems to have rebounded well with being an outsider and maybe some of that lack of knowledge is a good thing especially since all the insiders are at very low approval ratings. We may have in Cain another citizen President similar to Reagan granted Reagan had some Governing experience in California.

Go Cain go!!!! See Florida poll puts Romney up two points over …. Word of caution before getting to excited is this road to the Republican primary has been as bumpy as our stock market so this thing is far from over. Also see a new Fox News poll showing Romney 23%, Perry 19% and Cain 17% at Fox News poll: Romney 23, Perry 19, Cain 17. And the first poll that shook Florida up at Open thread: The Florida straw poll; Update: Cain wins — in a landslide; Update: Perry camp calls it a devastating loss for, er, Romney.

Cain is a bit more charismatic if you will which I don't mind but we will see how that resounds with the American people and even though I don't like to admit it it appears so far that Romney is the best debater.

Oh and by the way is it just me or are the debates getting ugly and actually hurting our common goal of defeating Obama in 2012. The first couple of debates were excellent in the unity to defeat Obama but lately it has become terrible now that Romney has competition in Perry and I believe this is one reason why Cain is on the rise as he is combatting this ugliness in the debates and coming out strong with solutions and looking like a leader rising above the attacks the others are making of one another. Now we will see how he handles the attacks himself as he is pushed up on the spotlight by the American voters.

Here is Cain about a month and a half ago in Iowa. I had a chance to watch this and do get to the end to see why he believes America will get back on track!!! For more on that see One nation under God and what does it matter? and Cartoons and charts exposing economic consequences for America's straying from our "In God we trust" roots (and its only gotten worse as that was from 07/2009) and especially don't miss this 3.4 million youtube hit at Video gone viral: David Barton takes pastors on a tour of the US Capitol

Found image of Cain at in an article titled If the Tea Party patriots are so racist, why are they supporting Herman Cain?

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