Rasmussen shows Perry with his first lead over Obama 44% to 41%. Click here to read article from Rasmussen titled Perry 44% Obama 41%; President Leads Other GOP Hopefuls.

Other quick updates on the Perry campaign Perry pledges a pro-life VP pick and Perry signs pledge to protect marriage, oppose homosexual ‘marriage’ and for some fact checking on jobs in Texas see Dallas Fed Chief separates “fact from fiction” on Texas jobs and also check out Perry: Economic Freedom Comes From Work and Wages, Not Welfare.

Check out Perry's first campaign ad at Video: Rick Perry's first campaign ad in which he briefly mentions God and then check out Perry's statement for why he is running at Rick Perry's statement on why he is running for President with God's help and lastly but certainly not least watch Perry give a speech at a recent gathering to call our nation to prayer below.

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