This is disturbing. Found these videos at Hot Air. This is not how you defend the lives of the unborn. Unbelievable. Also, notice his discussion on homosexuality. I have always liked Cain in times past but this is indeed disturbing. If talk like this continues he will be no leader on these issues nor defender of them. I am now leaning Romney unfortunately. Maybe Gingrich will make a run to the front. He appears to frank and take a firm stand on the issues. We will see how this talk effects Cain in the polls.

Watch for yourself:

And again watch:

Notice the one clap after many claps at a point in this conversation. The audience got it at that point.

Sounds like Cain is trying to pick up some Ron Paul voters but what a terrible way to do so. He is going to loose some conservatives over this issue like myself. Unbelievable... What a contradiction!!! He has got some explaining to do before I can continue on Cain's bandwagon.

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