This from in post titled Tim Tebow makes NFL history with 4 straight overtime wins

Update: Actually it is a team record that with Tim Tebow the Broncos won the last 3 overtime games. Double Update: Now it actually is 4 straight but there is a whole more. Check out John 3:16 written all over Tebow Bronco OT win but there is more!

And the greatest thing about it all is to God be the Glory!!!

Tim Tebow says at the end of the below video something to the effect that "at the end of the day it is all about glorifying God". This allowed me to place this on as an example of what we should be about Scripturally speaking. Praise God and for more on that check out My doctrine is not mine and for more on Tim Tebow and his story check out Tim Tebow and God's Providence at You can also click on label titled Tim Tebow at Values Voter News for many more posts on Tebow with videos.

Here is Rick Perry trying to ride off of some Tebow comebacks.

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