Found these interesting facts at Gateway Pundit in a post titled Holy Gridiron!… Tebow Throws for 316 Yards, Averages 31.6 Yds. Per Pass… And the Broncos-Steelers OT Scored a 31.6 Television Rating

Get this. Tim Tebow thru for 316 yards with 10 completions which means an average of 31.6 yards a pass and the game drew a 31.6 TV rating. We all know how Tebow used to wear scripture verses under his eyes in college and one of them being John 3:16 but wait there is more!!!

It was 01-08-2009 exactly three years ago that Tebow and the Gators won the championship. Guess what he wore under his eyes that night. You guessed it!!!

Now my dates could be off and I have not yet had a chance to verify so feel free to do so but I am pretty sure I am right. Here is a post that VVN posted back on 01-09-2009 about Tebow and John 3:16 which will be yet another amazing fact to add to what has already been added at John 3:16 was the number one hit on Google this morning according to ESPN. Why?. (This is where I found the picture above at.)

So exactly 3 years ago Tebow wears John 3:16 below his eyes during the game that Florida wins the national championship and then John 3:16 the next morning becomes the number one hit on google. And then 3 years later to the date Tebow is in his first playoff game and passes for 316 yards. Unbelievable!!!

This also is a 4th straight overtime win with Tebow as quarterback of the Broncos and what a finish. I just couldn't understand why they fumbled and why it went into overtime in the first place. Well, now we know!!!

The first post at VVN.COM on Tim Tebow was Tim Tebow and God's Providence (08/04/2008) and has been one of the most popular posts at VVN. For all the posts on Tebow at VVN please check out label .

Also, do check out some other number fun at is wrong about the center of the Bible part 2. and then check out for more interesting Biblical discussion.

Update: According to The Inquisitir I found these comments: "In any case John 3:16 was the most searched Google term on Sunday and continues to be a hit among NFL and religious fans on Monday." For more on John 3:16 check out The Akedah of Isaac fulfilled part 1 where we have the prophetic picture in the Old Testament of John 3:16 and then also see Video: G.O.S.P.E.L. - Propaganda and Video: 180 the movie and I highly recommend these awesome music videos at I believe you will be deeply blessed.

Update: According to The Globe and Mail the touchdown play in OT "....according to, spawned a record 9,420 tweets per second." This is a the record for a sporting event but is number two in all categories. The number one tweeted event was a Japanese movie and then Tebow and then Beyonce MTV Music Awards. Click here for more.

Update 01/10/2011: john 3 16 is the number one googled search on 01/09/2011 via Google Trends. So with or without the verses under the eyes there is no stoppen God's revealed love in His Son. For more on that check out The Akedah of Isaac fulfilled part 1 and Video: G.O.S.P.E.L. - Propaganda and Video: 180 the movie and

I am just going to update with posting other interesting facts about this game. I found this one at PostBulletin: "These two teams had played the first ever regular season overtime game on Sept. 22, 1974, in Denver. Now, they played the first non-sudden death playoff game in history."

Update: "As for the game itself, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed Tuesday that it was the most-watched game of season, the most-watched wild-card game of all time (with 42.4 million viewers) and the most-watched TV program since last February's Super Bowl XLV."-NFL.COM.

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