Below article from is yet another piece of evidence that abortion can easily be used to empower men over women: Forced Abortion in America Report
Man gets 50 year sentence for stabbing and killing unborn baby meanwhile unwanted babies get no justice. 
Man in New York charged with forcing girlfriend to have an abortion via a dangerous abortion drug.
LifeNews reports on yet another charge concerning a killing of a woman who refused to have an abortion in Florida 
NFL Chris McAlister allegedly boots wife after she refuses to have an abortion, 11 year old Mexican girl pregnant by stepfather still wants child and abortionist abort the "wrong" baby.
Man accused of giving pregnant girlfriend abortion drug to force an abortion
Alaska Air Force man accused of causing forced abortion of wifes unborn child...
Husband pressures woman to get abortion and woman later commits suicide
Girlfriend and Daughter killed by boyfriend after refusing to have an abortion in Seattle.
Yet another teen murdered after refusing to have an abortion
Further evidence that legalized abortion disadvantages women against men as Tennessee man charged with murdering woman and unborn child over abortion. reports on how legalized abortion empowers men over women
British Doctor found guilty of poisoning lover to cause an abortion
Man in Texas convicted of attacking pregnant woman and challenges unborn victims law
Teen admits to tainting girlfriend's drink with drug used to abort pregnancies in cows
ACLU to defend man who killed pregnant girlfriend and unborn child after shooting into her stomach
Man arrested after stabbing pregnant girlfriend after refusing to abort child
Pregnant woman killed and unborn child at 8 months taken from her body
If your in Oklahoma and you are pregnant you have the right to use force to defend your unborn child. that all evidence forth this great opinion piece at reports on how legalized abortion empowers men over women. 

Report Finds Women Who Refuse Abortions Often Face Violent Attacks, Death

Washington, DC ( -- Women who refuse requests from their husbands or boyfriends to have abortions are often finding themselves subject to violent attacks that sometimes result in their deaths. That's the finding of a new report from the Elliot Institute, which calls the problem a "widespread epidemic."

The new report, Forced Abortion in America, is drawing attention to attacks on pregnant women and girls in order to prevent them from continuing their pregnancies.

It points out a "widespread epidemic of unwanted, coerced and forced abortions taking place in the United States."

The report notes how research suggests most abortions are likely unwanted or coerced, with one survey of women who had abortions finding that 64 percent said they felt pressured by others to abort.

The same survey found 80 percent of women said they did not receive the counseling they needed to make a decision -- even though more than half said they felt rushed or uncertain about the abortion.

The consequences for those who refuse abortion can be dangerous and even deadly, according to the report, which details cases of women and girls facing violent attacks or murder for resisting abortion.

Studies of death rates among pregnant women in the U.S. have found that homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women, the authors say.

The cases detailed in the report represent only a fraction of the more than 200 cases the Elliot Institute has on file of women and girls being attacked or killed with the intent of getting rid of the pregnancy. The updated report contains new cases as well as a new special section on teens and forced abortion.

Among the new cases added to the report:

* A Kansas man and his wife were convicted of sexual abuse after the man raped his stepdaughters over a several year period, resulting in four pregnancies and at least one abortion, performed on an 11-year-old. The case was reported to authorities by a pro-life organization after one of the girls visited their office seeking an abortion; the group says that the abortion business did the abortion without informing authorities of any suspected abuse.

* Two Ohio teenagers were convicted for kidnapping and assaulting a pregnant teen, killing her unborn child. Police said one of the boys thought he had fathered the child, and the two hit the teen and kicked her the abdomen to cause the death of her 8-month-old unborn child. One of them allegedly told her that she should have gotten an abortion, and that "now your baby is going to die." DNA tests showed the teen was not the father.

* A man was sentenced to 9 years in prison for secretly giving his wife an abortion-inducing drug after she refused to abort. The woman secretly taped him admitting to giving her the drug but trying to convince her that she really wanted to have an abortion.

* A high school junior was beaten to death by her 22-year-old boyfriend after she refused to have an abortion. According to police, the man hit the teen at least four times on the head with a bat and admitted he did not want her to have the baby. He pleaded guilty after leading police to the girl's body, which he had buried under leaves in the woods. The man was sentenced to 22 years to life in prison.

"Our files contain hundreds of stories from women and girls who were attacked or killed with the intent of getting rid of the pregnancy," said Elliot Institute spokesperson Amy Sobie.

She told, "We've been collecting these stories for more than six years through mainstream media sources and pro-life organizations who have been diligently reporting on these kinds of cases. The information is out there, but many people aren't aware of what might be going on in their own communities."

Sobie said people might not immediately connect this with abortion because in many cases the woman or girl never makes it to an abortion center -- she's attacked or killed before she even gets there.

"In our opinion, the availability of abortion makes it easier for those around her to think that she shouldn't be having this baby, and gives those with an interest in getting rid of the unborn child a justification for doing so," she said.

Some of the new cases included in the report involve assailants using abortifacients or other drugs to secretly induce an abortion. For example, in several cases the attackers secretly put the RU-486 abortion drug in their wives' or girlfriends' food or drink with the intent of killing the unborn child.

In addition to destroying the life of the unborn child and subjecting the mother to the emotional trauma of the loss of her child, these attacks may also put the mother at risk of physical problems without her being aware of it. Side effects of RU-486 include hemorrhaging, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, painful cramping, heart problems, infections and death of the mother.

And the availability of the drug may make it easier for those who want to cause an abortion to do so without the need to use pressure, intimidation or force to get the mother to an abortion business -- putting more women and girls at risk.

Other new cases focus on pregnancy discrimination by employers, schools and others that can make women feel they have no choice but to abort.

For example, a study published in the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics found that student athletes conceal pregnancy, feel forced into abortion or fear losing financial aid because of pregnancy, which could jeopardize their ability to stay in school.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently settled cases with two large U.S. companies for refusing to hire a pregnant applicant and firing an employee who became pregnant.

"Pressure may also come from bosses, school counselors and others who see a pregnancy as a threat to the woman's ability to do her job or continue her education," Sobie said. "The EEOC has reported an increase in the number of pregnancy discrimination complaints filed against employees, and a number of large companies have settled or are facing lawsuits over claims they fired or demoted female workers who became pregnant."

Elliot Institute director Dr. David Reardon said that cases of women being pressured, threatened, or subjected to violence if they refuse to abort are not unusual. He pointed out that studies have shown that homicide is the leading killer of pregnant women in the U.S. and that women in abusive relationships are at risk for increased violence during pregnancy.

"In many of the cases documented for this report, police and witnesses reported that acts of violence and murder took place after the woman refused to abort or because the attacker didn't want the pregnancy," he said. "Even if a woman isn't physically threatened, she often faces intense pressure, abandonment, lack of support, or emotional blackmail if she doesn't abort. While abortion is often described as a 'choice,' women who've been there tell a very different story."

Reardon said the report underscores the need for legislation, like that recently passed in Nebraska, holding abortion businesses liable for failing to screen women for evidence of coercion or pressure to abort and to direct them to people and resources that can help them.

"Too often, abortion clinics and others simply assume that if a woman is coming for an abortion, it is her free choice," he said. "This 'no questions asked' policy is especially harmful to those in abusive situations, including young girls who are victims of sexual predators. Women should not be forced into unwanted abortions and subjected to violence or pressure from others."

Related web sites:

Forced Abortion in America Report -
Elliot Institute -


Remind me to never attend one. It's a sad day for science when you mix government and politics up with it. Found this first at Hot Air and then at The Heritage Foundation. To think you can't say a prayer in Jesus name at some graduations and yet you can preach about global warming like this.

Nor Hank Johnson's

I thought this video below was applicable here also. From post titled BBCWorldNews exposes evidence of "emotional" "scare tactics" by Greenpeace as they exaggerate global warming

Related to Al Gore: At ABC: Diane Sawyer asks tough questions of Al Gore and Jack Tapper points out some flaws in Obama job numbers
First, Dr Oz on the Oprah Winfrey supports Adult Stem Cell research and now, Al Gore invests $20 million into adult stem cell research  

Related to Global Warming or is it now Cooling?: IPCC admits Himalayan glaciers melting predictions not backed by the science
BBC News: Current climate models fail to forecast that the globe is not warming even though man made carbon dioxide continues to rise 
Video: World's largest particle physics laboratory funding project now a second time that supports global climate caused by cosmic rays 
Video: Brad Pitt is saving planet earth. Only in Copenhagen.  


Found this audio of an explanation of the UK elections and government. Quite educational. Found this at The Heritage Foundation at Heritage in Focus, May 17: Ted Bromund on the UK Elections

Recorded on May 17, 2010

Ted Bromund discusses the UK electoral system, how it differs from the US, and how the recent UK elections will affect the UK-US "special relationship."


See last year's Memorial Day post at Memorial Day: Sergeant York (1941). When is it ok to fight? and last year's Veterans day posts at Honor where honor is due. and This veterans day honor them and God's Providence with The League of Grateful Sons.  

This has received over a million YouTube hits since mid February 2010.



Doctor's contract cancelled for praying with inmates

CHIPLEY — A doctor working under contract at the Northwest Florida Reception Center in Greenhead had that contract cancelled recently after he was told not to pray with inmates.

Dr. Douglas Collins was under contract to Maxim Medical Services working at Greenhead when he was told that a complaint had been made about his praying with inmates. Collins, a lifelong Christian, said he was surprised at the complaint.

“I’ve always prayed with my patients,” he said. “I always ask permission of them first.”

Collins said he was informed by Warden John Whitfield that while there was no set policy against such activity, “that as warden he set the policy” and said that it was the responsibility of the chaplain to tend to spiritual matters and for medical personnel to tend to medical matters.

Greta Plessinger of the Florida Department of Corrections said the doctor was working at Santa Rosa Corrections Institution and at Greenhead and had been warned at both locations about praying with inmates.

“This was mostly for security reasons,’ Plessinger said. “He was alone holding hands with the inmates while they were praying.

“Plus, not all the inmates are Christians, and we don’t want an inmate not wanting to go to a doctor for religious reasons.

“Dr. Collins was hired to do medicine. He could always have volunteered in his off hours to help with the chaplain’s service.”


Related: After Tiananmen Square Massacre Chai Ling makes the "21 most-wanted" list of students moves to the US and finds Christ.
Video interview of Dr Wang Dan a student leader in the 1989 Tiananmen Sqaure protests branded as China's enemy #1
China honors christian ministry on mainstream chinese news channell during a primetime one year after the earthquake anniversary special.
See pictures of the first Noah's Ark built to Biblical proportions located in Hong Kong as christianity in China grows...  
God is back. There are more christians going to church in China then there are members of the communist party!!!  
Chinese President Hu Jintao added the word "religion" to the communist party constitution!!!  

From the Christian Post....

China Appeals to Religious Groups for Post-Quake Help

The officially atheist Chinese government on Monday requested religious groups and people of faith to help with the rebuilding efforts in a northwest province devastated by a massive earthquake.

In an open letter posted on its official website, China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs asked the religious community to donate towards reconstruction in the Tibetan area of Yushu in Qinghai Province, which was ravaged by a 7.1-magnitude earthquake on April 14.

According to the letter, the religious community has already donated more than 86.9 million yuan, $12.7 million, for the quake-hit area. The religious affairs department hopes religious leaders and individual believers can make further donations.

The letter also expressed appreciation for the prayers and immediate relief efforts carried out by religious organizations.

At least 2,220 people were killed, more than 12,000 were injured, and over 100,000 people were left homeless by the Yushu quake.

Chinese officials said last week that they expect the reconstruction work in Yushu to be completed within three years, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. Most of the funds for the rebuilding effort will come from the central government, but some will come from private donations, said Vice Prime Minister Hui Liangyu on Thursday.

Since April, Christian relief groups have worked to distribute immediate need items, such as food, shelter and clothes to the victims. World Vision, Caritas Internationalis, ACT Alliance, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Catholic Relief Services are a few of the international Christian relief ministries that have responded to the earthquake in Qinghai province.

In recent years, China has in general been more receptive to religion in society, despite ongoing problems with religious freedom.

The director-general of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, Ye Xiaowen, acknowledged in 2007 that the number of Chinese religious followers, including Christians, has grown. He also claimed that instead of crushing religions, the Chinese Communist Party will encourage religion to play a positive role “in promoting economic and social development” in the future.

Ye’s remarks came before the Beijing Olympics when the Chinese government was trying to repair its religious freedom and human rights image.

But a recent article in the state-run newspaper China Daily indicates that the government is opening up to religion in the public square. The article published in March details how a 22-year-old student in Beijing converted to Christianity while trying to figure out the meaning of life. Remarkably, the student was reported to be attending a 700-member house church in Beijing.

Since they are not registered with the government, house churches are illegal in China. Citizens are only allowed to worship in religious institutions approved by the bodies established by China’s Religious Affairs Bureau. For Protestant Christians, this means worshiping in churches affiliated with the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and China Christian Council.

Despite China’s visible improvements in religious freedom, human rights groups still regularly report persecution of house church Christians, among other non-registered religious groups. Rights groups say China has a long way to go in its respect for religious freedom.


As you read below check out this video as Milton Friedman answers criticism of the free market and capitalism.

I found the below article somewhat interesting. There is the other parable where the owner paid all equally although one worked longer than another which may appear to contradict the assessment below. However, that was at the owner's own discretion and with what was his not somebody else's via taxation and what he agreed to each and to further that point with the conclusion of the parable at Matthew 20:15: "Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?"

Now I do proceed with caution cause these parables are not exactly bullet proof since they are parables teaching another point. You can also see a post that is similar some week or weeks ago at Capitalism and the Scriptures

From AFA.....

Jesus was a capitalist

Despite the best efforts of liberal evangelicals like Jim Wallis to turn Jesus into a flaming socialist, his own words tell a different story. In fact, the stories that Jesus told could have only come from a capitalist's capitalist.

For instance, in one of his most famous parables, the parable of the talents, Jesus commits a number of politically incorrect sins according to the worldview of Jim Wallis, who unfortunately is trying to recast Jesus in his own image as the Karl Marx of Christendom.

In the parable of the talents, Jesus refers to a man who called his servants together and "entrusted to them his property." Hold it right there! It was his own property! He owned the means of production - it did not belong to the community at large! The capital used in economic exchange was in private hands! And what he does with his wealth is clearly nobody's business but his own.

How can this be? This all makes the hero in Jesus' tale a criminal in Wallis' fevered imagination, guilty of greed and exploitation, and of grave offenses against an enlightened social order.

Further, the businessman distributed the talents "to each according to his ability." Sin number two. According to Wallis, Jesus should have had this man distribute his resources "to each according to his need." He should not be entrusting money to people based on ability, but rather should be extracting it from them based on ability. After all, in Wallis' world it is "from each according to his ability." Jesus turns that completely on its head by giving "to each according to his ability." Perhaps Rev. Wallis needs a remedial grammar lesson on prepositions.

Even worse, the enterprise run by the main figure in Jesus' story is a meritocracy from start to finish. Responsibility is awarded based on ability, not on some kind of ethnic or economic quota system. And promotion likewise is based squarely on achievement. The man with five talents earned five more, and was given more responsibility and authority as a result. Likewise with the servant who took two talents and turned it into two more.

There is not a breath here in this story of the importance of equality of outcome. In fact, quite the reverse. Jesus had no intention of having everyone wind up at the same level of income, authority or responsibility. This businessman believed in equality of opportunity but not in equality of result. Outcome was not dictated by government regulation but rather determined by individual initiative and skill.

Accountability in this story does not rest with some government agency. Rather it remains in private hands, with the entrepreneur who called his servants together upon his return and "settled accounts."

Jesus' businessman would surely agree with the Founders who said that one of  our inalienable rights is the "pursuit of happiness." Notice that nowhere did they guarantee the achievement of happiness. The political structure, in their view, is there to create circumstances under which each of us, with minimal government interference, can pursue happiness based on ability, hard work, good judgment, perseverance, education, training and ambition, all of which will vary significantly from one individual to the next.

And last but not least, when the master returns and finds that one of his servants has buried the money in his back yard rather than investing it, he calls him "wicked and slothful." And rather than taking money from the productive workers and giving it out of compassion to this man in the form of welfare, he takes the one talent he buried and awarded it to the most productive member of his team.

Jesus' businessman had no intention of rewarding or subsidizing irresponsibility. The lazy servant had no right to anything he wasn't willing to work for.

So let's sum up. In this story, capital is in private hands. The owner of the capital is free to invest it as he chooses, and to entrust his private resources to anyone he chooses. Economic gain comes through investment, risk-taking and smart choices. The enterprise is based on ability and there is no quota system of any kind in place. Achievement rather than mere effort is rewarded. Accountability rests in the hands of private enterprise rather than in the hands of government. Laziness is punished rather than rewarded, and resources are not involuntarily transferred from the producers to the non-producers but the other way round.

Bottom line: Jesus, as much as Wallis will hate to admit it, had capitalism in his DNA.


Americans Who Don’t Attend Church Form Base of Obama’s Support, Gallup Polling Indicates

Thursday, May 13, 2010
By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief

President Barack Obama talks on the phone in the Oval Office at the White House Tuesday, May 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
( - President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating stood at 49 percent for the most recent three-day period, and at 50 percent for the week ending May 8, but it would be lower than that if America consisted exclusively of people who attend church with some regularity.

Non-church goers form the base of Obama’s support, according to Gallup polling data.

Gallup reports the breakouts from its presidential approval survey for three different types of church-goers: people who attend church weekly, people who attend church nearly weekly or monthly, and people who seldom or never attend church. Among these three groups, Obama’s approval rating tops 50 percent only among those who seldom or never attend church. In fact, among this group it was at 56 percent for the week ending May 8.

Obama’s approval rating among people who attend church weekly was only 43 percent during that week; and among those who attend church nearly weekly or monthly it was 47 percent.

The last time a majority of Americans who attend church weekly gave Obama a positive approval rating was last year in the week that ended on July 19, 2009.  That week, weekly church-goers gave him a 51 percent approval rating.

Obama’s approval rating dropped to a low of 38 percent among weekly church-goers in the week that ended on April 4.

By contrast, Obama’s presidential approval rating has never dropped below 50 percent among those who seldom or never go to church.


Homosexuals In Military Three Times More Likely to Sexually Assault Than Straights: Survey

By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 26, 2010 ( - An analysis of publicly available documents indicates that homosexuals in the military are three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals, relative to their numbers, announced the Family Research Council Wednesday.

The release comes on the heels of news that Democrat U.S. senators on the Armed Services Committee seek to attach a repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule banning open homosexuals from the military to an essential defense spending bill. Although Pentagon officials had begun a year-long review of the possible repercussions of repealing the ban, homosexual activists hope to squeeze the controversial overturn through before November elections - when several Democrats are expected to lose their seats - before the results of the Pentagon study are in.

The FRC analysis released Wednesday demonstrates one of the main causes of alarm for supporters of the ban: a review of the "case synopses" of all 1,643 reports of sexual assault reported by the four branches of the military for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009) found that over eight percent (8.2%) of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual in nature. Yet homosexual activist groups themselves have stated that less than three percent of Americans (2.8% of men and 1.4% of women) are homosexual or bisexual.

The analysis, conducted by Senior Fellow for Policy Studies Peter Sprigg, was based on the Pentagon's own annual report on sexual assault in the military for Fiscal Year 2009, and on published decisions from military courts of appeals over the last decade and a half.

"Taken together, these figures suggest that homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are," noted Sprigg. "Concerns about privacy when homosexuals share facilities like showers and sleeping quarters with heterosexuals are well grounded," he added.

"The report found that the most common type of homosexual assault is one in which the offender fondles or performs oral sex upon a sleeping victim."

"If open homosexuality is permitted in the military, these numbers will only increase," Sprigg warned.
"The numbers of homosexuals in the military would grow, the threat of discharge for homosexual conduct would be eliminated, and protected class status for homosexuals would make victims hesitant to report assaults and make commanders hesitant to punish them for fear of appearing 'homophobic.'"

Sprigg urged Congress to consider the risks before "short-circuiting the process of studying this issue." (The policy paper can be downloaded here.) 

Congress, however, may move quickly on the ban nonetheless: Democrat Sen. Ben Nelson, seen as a key moderate vote, agreed to sign on to the plan Wednesday after initially refraining from comment.
The endorsement may provide encouragement to Armed Services Committee Chair Sen. Carl Levin, who strongly supports the repeal, but may not have the 15 votes needed to attach it to the defense bill.

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates grudgingly agreed to the legislative plan Tuesday, which would delay enactment until after the study is completed, and until Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen have signed off on the move. However, a Pentagon spokesman Wednesday said that "Secretary Gates continues to believe that ideally the DOD review should be completed before there is any legislation to repeal the Don't Ask Don't Tell law," reported CBS.

In a press conference Wednesday, Colonel Richard Black, the former chief of the Pentagon's Criminal Law Division, said the stealth repeal is "not rational, [and] it's certainly not democratic."

"it boils down to this: it's a question of whether we will force soldiers to bond with homosexuals in the showers and in the barracks, knowing it will result in sexual bullying, male rape, and forcible sodomy," said Black. "There's a reason why we don't make men and women shower together, and for the same reason, we must not force men to shower with homosexuals. It simply does not work."

Former Defense Department Inspector General Hon. Joseph E. Schmitz said that soldiers "having to deal with human nature up close and personal" will bear the brunt of the administration's political agenda.

Citing previous examples of homosexual assault in the military, said Schmitz: 'It's not just an academic issue. These things are real issues that happen throughout the services."


Read the latest below but for more interesting context on this issue see Pro-lifers in Wisconsin produce 5 commercials to stop late-term abortion plan at University of Wisconsin and  Democrats in Wisconsin won't allow even a vote to amend state budget to prevent late term abortions at the University of Wisconsin. and Wisconsin Right to Life released its final ad exposing Madison, Wisconsin residents to late-term abortions at a local University ran surgery center. and Wisconsin Hospital under the Providential gun. Pro-life ads to appear in State Journal and are under lawsuit for denying care to disabled who dies. and Pro-lifers lost a battle over late term abortions at a University of Wisconsin Hospital but 147 emails later show they are winning and may win.

The latest from ADF.... 

Covert plan to create late-term abortion program in Wis. ends after exposure by ADF and allies

Univ. of Wis. Hospitals halts program that would have threatened religious conscience rights, might misuse state funds

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MADISON, Wis. — The Alliance Defense Fund obtained a letter Friday from the Wisconsin Department of Justice stating that the University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics has abandoned its plans to provide full-service, second-trimester abortion services in a jointly operated facility.

ADF attorneys sent a letter last year to UWHC urging it to cease it plans for the program, which posed a threat to the religious conscience rights of pro-life employees by potentially requiring them to participate in dismembering preborn children. The letter also pointed out that such a program may constitute an unlawful state funding of abortion. A few months later, ADF sent another letter to involved officials regarding a memo they had distributed to employees that said employees would sometimes be forced to assist in the dangerous abortions.

“Christians and other pro-life medical students and staff shouldn’t be forced to compromise their beliefs to maintain their positions,” said ADF Legal Counsel Matt Bowman. “The UWHC and other medical facilities involved made the right decision to terminate this covert program, which threatened to require pro-life employees to violate their consciences by participating in the killing of preborn, developed babies.”

In January 2009, ADF uncovered UWHC plans to create a full-service, second-trimester abortion practice at the Madison Surgery Center--a joint venture of UWHC, UW Medical Foundation, and Meriter Hospital. The University of Wisconsin would have sent medical residents to train and take part in the killing of the second-trimester babies. In recent years, UWHC researchers have experimented on almost fully-formed body parts obtained from second-trimester abortions performed nearby, and if the new practice were implemented, those abortions would have been performed under UWHC’s joint venture. The plan would have also included the abortion of disabled babies, which already occurs at Meriter Hospital.

At that time, ADF sent its first letter to the presidents of UWHC, Meriter Hospital, and the UW Medical Foundation, explaining that penalties against any employee who refuses to recommend, aid, or perform abortions based on religious or moral objections would be a blatant violation of state and federal law. It also reminded university and hospital leadership of the fact that “no state or federal funds from various sources may be used for a program that...provides, encourages, or refers for abortions” and that ADF was prepared to take decisive legal action if UWHC took any negative action against its pro-life employees.

ADF is a legal alliance of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. Launched in 1994, ADF employs a unique combination of strategy, training, funding, and litigation to protect and preserve religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family.


This same College of Alameda also had some pro-lifers arrested for handing out literature on the public campus. See Pro-Life Activists Arrested at College of Alameda.

Students Disciplined for Praying Settle Case Against College

City:Alameda, CA
Date: 05/05/2010

Two college students who were disciplined for praying have achieved a settlement that retracts their discipline and pays their attorney's fees, ending nearly two years of legal wrangling.

The incident that ignited the case happened in December 2007 when an instructor at the College of Alameda complained about a private, consensual prayer in a shared faculty office between a student and a sick teacher. The administration swiftly reacted by issuing formal notices of intent to suspend both the student and a fellow bystander student, holding disciplinary hearings, and imposing written warnings.

Pacific Justice Institute staff attorney Matthew McReynolds sent multiple demand letters advising the College of the students' constitutional rights. Because the administration failed to respond, the students filed suit in San Francisco federal court (Kandy Kyriacou & Ojoma Omaga vs. Peralta Community College District). Kyriacou and Omaga were represented by PJI affiliate attorneys Steven N. H. Wood and Christopher Schweickert.

The College sought dismissal of the suit, arguing that prayer is akin to protests or demonstrations and presumptively disruptive. But federal district court judge Susan Illston disagreed, ruling that prayer is protected speech under the First Amendment. After the students appeared on Fox News in April 2009, the College also asked the court to censor the students from disclosing information about their case. The court refused. After these rulings the College eventually agreed to back down and also pay attorney's fees after two years of litigation.

Among other points, the settlement contains an express acknowledgment that prayer on campus is protected free speech and free exercise of religion.

“The Supreme Court has ruled that student speech is entitled to special protections because the college campus is 'peculiarly the marketplace of ideas,'” stated Steven Wood, one of the lawyers for the students. “But even there, the price of liberty is still eternal vigilance. Although this case had a shocking start, we are gratified that it ended with the College eager to affirm that prayer is protected,” Wood continued. “At PJI we will remain vigilant and ready to defend other students who encounter such heavy-handed treatment,” said Brad Dacus, president of PJI.


Scripture verse for the day.

"Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!"-Isaiah 5:21.

This struck me this morning as a humbling verse. Reminded me of Romans 3:22, 23 "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, and changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man...". So when we in our scientific endeavors or political endeavors or family endeavors or moral endeavors would "retain God" in our endeavors and not trust to our selves we will then have the blessing of God on our endeavors. But if we decide not to and be wise in our own eyes Romans 3:28 has this to say "even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind..". So there really are two roads to take when we are on our various endeavors in this life: the road that honors God the "uncorruptible" or the road that honors "corruptible man".

How does this work out practically in our lives?

If you are a scientist you base your science off of the wisdom of the Creator of what you are studying in the field of science. Which means you take into account the biblical framework in your studies of rocks or biology or anthropology and your conclusions will then lead yourself and others to glorify the Creator. As opposed to ignoring the wisdom of the Creator and accepting man's theories and ideas that contradict the scriptures and thus lead to a glorification of "corruptible man" who has been proved wrong again and again thus ultimately leading to an embarrassment of science and the Creator. Same thing can go for a teacher or father and mother or fireman or policeman or insurance salesman etc etc etc. Ask yourself what does a Godly father look like according to the wisdom of our God in the scriptures and image that? What does a Godly worker look like and image that by acting accordingly?

Basically, seek the wisdom of God as revealed in the scriptures and follow His will for your life as revealed there thus you will be retaining God in your knowledge and saved from a reprobate mind. We will fail many times but God has enough grace and forgiveness that we can get back up again and continue. Nobody is perfect and without sin except Christ as the scriptures make clear that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God but because Christ died on our behalf we are saved from God's wrath and eternal damnation and are now are under His Fatherly discipline and care for "as many as received Him (Christ), to them gave He power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on His name."-John 1:12.

God bless all you all and all his sons and daughters and those of you who have yet to receive Him He is the best Father you will ever have and calls you to trust Him with all your doubts and trust His son Christ that He died on the cross for you and your sins and rose again conquering sin and death. See Why do men want to have sex with lots of women? and Rebecca St James music video which shows why sinners who have found Christ love Him so. and Bono of U2, "I'm holding out that Jesus took my sins onto the Cross, because I know who I am, and I hope I don't have to depend on my own religiosity" and Testimony of the very Roe of Roe v Wade after finding forgiveness in Christ for her sins. Once abortion activist now trying to reverse Roe v Wade


Related: Rasmussen Poll: 42% approve of President Obama. That is the lowest level yet.

Not only that but he recently had his worst approval rating index which is measured by strongly approve and strongly disapprove. See day by day index here. So the polls show our President polling low which as cartoon above has noted has reflected in the losses of those he has endorsed.


Last Week In Review

This week we are doing the Last Week In Review today instead of the normal Monday. I will be heading on vacation for a week so wanted to Review this week today. I do have 4 posts a day for every day next week to automatically post for next week which should be interesting.


Texas, Taxes and the Economy

Texas Economy: Texas has created 70% of all US jobs since 2008.

Houston vs San Francisco: on taxing the rich and big government.

President Obama approval rating

Rasmussen Poll: 42% approve of President Obama. That is the lowest level yet. 

Private Paychecks at all time low

Private paychecks drop to lowest level ever in the US as government provided benefits rise to historic highs  


Illegal Immigration

Terrorists crossing the border: Excellent local news report on terrorist entering the US via the Mexican border.

Professor at University of Arizona graduation gets booed after preaching against Arizona immigration law. 


Tea Party Express endorsed candidate surging in polls in Utah to defeat Reid.


Video: Military commanders are saying no to repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Same Sex Marriage

Videos: Molotov on homosexuality

Is Degeneres hurting American Idol ratings? 

Taxes and Economy   

Christie tells teacher complaining about pay "You're getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits"


Video: KOB Debate between Weh, Martinez and gang for Republican NM Governor to face off against Democrat.. And for more on this race see Why has Allen Weh stopped posting press releases on his web site since the 18th as Susana Martinez has point by point rebuttals on her web site? and Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin and Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA and Newest poll: Susana Martinez 43% Allen Weh 33% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Martinez pulls ahead of Weh by 10% in latest poll and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with. and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh?

Faith and Family Philanthropy 

Google Android vs Apple iPad and iPhone when it comes to Porn. Why do men want to have sex with lots of women? 


Related: Texas Economy: Texas has created 70% of all US jobs since 2008.
Video: Governor Christie vetoes tax hikes in New Jersey and explains why after arguments have been made. 

As you read the latest altercation between Christie and opponents do watch videos below that stirred the pot a little last week. And do get to the last video which has a portion of the altercation between teacher and Christie.

First, Christie explains why he is the way he is.

In case you missed here he is.

Here he is vetoing and explaining why he won't allow a bill that taxes millionaires to pass.

Here is altercation between teacher and Governor

From Politico...

Christie to teacher: You can quit

New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie told a disgruntled teacher that if she doesn’t like the pay, she doesn’t “have to do it.”

Christie was speaking to a small crowd in a church gymnasium in Rutherford on Tuesday when the Bergen County Record caught the exchange between Kearny teacher Rita Wilson and the governor.

Wilson claimed that if she were getting paid only three dollars an hour for the 30 students she teaches, her salary would be $83,000 a year, a much higher sum than her current take.

“You’re getting more than that if you include the cost of your benefits,” Christie pointed out.

The teacher responded by saying that she has a master’s degree and that her current salary isn’t compensating her for the value of her higher education as well as her experience.

To that, the governor responded: “Well, you know then that you don’t have to do it.”

Christie recently finished a round of negotiations with the teachers unions in which he got them to agree to a salary freeze and 1.5 percent increase in employee benefits in order to avoid budget cuts to the education system.




Martinez is polling well against Denish see Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin and Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA and is favored in this race so far by some 10% see Newest poll: Susana Martinez 43% Allen Weh 33% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA.

As I watched Weh and Turner out debate Martinez on many Republican points the thought kept coming to my mind that that is all find and dandy but you have no chance against Denish whereas Martinez/Sanchez do.

I already voted for Martinez and still am with Martinez however I do believe Turner won the debate over all. This was a great debate to get a feel for what the Republican party is about in NM this year and quite educational as Pete Dominici Jr's opening point hoped this would be and some strong points being made for conservative limited government and immigration. I enjoyed Pete's calls to stay engaged as voters and his call in my opinion favored Martinez cause again she has the best chance to win and that was the opening and closing thrust of Pete's argument. Pete is not going to win this primary and I think he knows it and was more concerned about the unity within the party no matter what the outcome of this primary.

I think at points Weh came off like Bush at times but impressive military back ground similar to McCain's. Martinez came off a bit stiff and nervous at first but then had a stronger finish. She seemed to have her focus on Denish and those Independents and Democrats that she hopes to pick up from Denish and canning Weh. Martinez is polling 10 points higher than the next closest candidate in Weh and is polling equal or better than the Democrat hopeful Denish. As I was watching I saw the 4 other candidates do better than Martinez but Martinez the one still to vote for as she quickly mentioned she has the best chance to get those Republican values that all 5 candidates discussed into office. I don't think any of the other 4 candidates made any points at the likelihood of them beating Denish cause they really have nothing to back it up with whereas Martinez has the current momentum and polls to back her so even though they debated better than Martinez the argument as to who has best chance to beat Denish has been settled and without a chance to win their is no point in my mind in voting for the other 4.

I liked Martinez's end request for prayer. The only concern I have with Martinez is how she will do in upcoming debates with Denish. Otherwise than that Republicans have a good shot with or without John Sanchez who is likely to win the Republican primary for Lt Governor and if so we can have quite an interesting Hispanic duo to challenge the Democrats with this year. The issue of illegal immigration appears to be a big one this year and Martinez clearly has much more experience than Denish in that area and is herself Hispanic which is going to be hard for the left to paint her as a racist which the left will typically try to do. So on the issues that will matter to picking up Democrat voters I think Martinez has a better chance in doing that and in a 3-2 Democrat state Martinez will be key for a Republican to have a chance at Governor in NM and get some conservative values in there.

And also I think Martinez should stay away from the word "change" in her future debates. That word has a negative connotation with it and many have found it to be distasteful since the Obama administration. It may be better to use a more defining word as many have learned that the hard way.

And since Turner did so well I think this plays into the hands of Martinez cause I think Turner would steal more votes away from Weh who is advertising himself as the outsider whereas Turner did a better job passionately debating that point on that issue you I think. We will find out on June 1st!!!

Oh and to say a little about Janice I think she came off very well also. unfortunately for her like most of the others there doesn't seem to be a chance of her winning the primary let alone beating Denish. But none the less the debate was excellent and fulfilled Pete's opening statement of what he hoped this debate would be. One last comment about Pete is that he was somewhat shaky but genuinely concerned about whoever comes out as the winner we need to get behind to stop another 4 years of one party rule in NM. Even though I am for Martinez I respected that. I think all of the candidates represented well our conservative values in this Republican debate and who but knows may have convinced some swing voters already toward the Republican side. However, I wish pro-life, family and faith issues were at least touched on.

Anyways, those are my thoughts and concerns after watching the debate. And here are my trail of thoughts and further reasons for voting for Martinez: Why has Allen Weh stopped posting press releases on his web site since the 18th as Susana Martinez has point by point rebuttals on her web site?
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh? 
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish


The Gay Gene?

Hate Crimes and James Byrd

Uganda and homosexuality


Related: Professor at University of Arizona graduation gets booed after preaching against Arizona immigration law.
Should a Christian politician crack down on illegal immigration? If he is compassionat he will.... 
Check out actual letter of response from Arizona to Los Angeles over Arizona boycott. You boycott us and we'll turn off your lights.
Unbelievable Video: Napolitano hasn't read the bill either? Has anybody who has criticized Arizona law even read it?   
What if the Networks were to equally report on why Gallup, NBC, Rasmussen, Pew and CBS polls show overwhelming support for Arizona law? 


As you read below of the new Rasmussen poll results for NM Governor watch a local TV news report on the SurveyUSA poll results of Martinez and Weh in Republican primaries and then how Martinez is fairing up against Democrat for NM Governor at 49% to 43% Martinez.

Susana Martinez who is the likely Republican nominee for Governor has surged in the polls over Allen Weh this last week (see Newest poll: Susana Martinez 43% Allen Weh 33% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA and Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA) and is now within 1% point of the Democrat nominee Denish. The last Rasmussen poll showed her down 19% points from Diane Denish in late march. Rasmussen poll headline reads New Mexico Governor: Denish 43%, Martinez 42%.

Tonight there will be a live televised debate on KOB-TV between the 5 candidates for the Republican nominee before the June 1 primary election.

For other interesting surges in the polls check out Tea Party Express endorsed Sharon Angle to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada at Tea Party Express endorsed candidate surging in polls in Utah to defeat Reid. and then take note that Palin endorsed Carly Fiorina has surged since Palin endorsement from 24% to 46% and has a commanding lead in Republican primary in California in effort to upend long time Senator Barbara Boxer.

We already saw Governor Crist loose to Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio for Florida Senate race in Republican primaries, then Bennett in Utah for Senate lost as Tea Party frowned on his non conservative votes as Senator the past couple of years in Republican primaries, then Tea Party favorite and James Dobson endorsed Rand Paul beating GOP backed Grayson for Kentucky Senate and now Palin endorsed Martinez. It appears that social and fiscal conservatives are refining the Republican party in a big way this year and we will have to wait and see how they do in running up against the left but we have a new breed of Republicans which makes for a stark contrast between the left and the right in many states.    

Here are my trail of thoughts on Susana Martinez: Why has Allen Weh stopped posting press releases on his web site since the 18th as Susana Martinez has point by point rebuttals on her web site?
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh? 
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with.


Debates can rage about taxing the rich and bigger government as it did in New Jersey last week watch video below from post titled Video: Governor Christie vetoes tax hikes in New Jersey and explains why after arguments have been made. but when you get on the ground and put the theories in practice only one actually wins (see article below).

To see how well San Francisco is doing in comparison see San Francisco is the worst ran big city of the year according to the San Francisco Weekly. "Despite its spending more money per capita on homelessness than any comparable city, its homeless problem is worse than any comparable city's."

NCPA explores the successes of the city of Houston...


Politicians in big cities talk about jobs, but by keeping taxes, fees and regulatory barriers high they discourage the creation of jobs, at least in the private sector.   A business in San Francisco or Los Angeles never knows what bizarre new cost will be imposed by city hall.  In New York or Boston you can thrive as a nonprofit executive, high-end consultant or financier, but if you are the owner of a business that wants to grow, you're out of luck, says Joel Kotkin, the Chapman University presidential fellow in urban futures.

Houston, however, has kept the cost of government low while investing in ports, airports, roads, transit and schools.  A person or business moving there gets an immediate raise through lower taxes and cheaper real estate.  Houston is just better at nurturing jobs, says Kotkin.
For example:
  • Last year Houston added 141,000 residents, more than any region in the United States save the city's similarly sprawling rival, Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Over the past decade, Houston's population has grown by 24 percent -- five times the rate of San Francisco, Boston and New York.
  • In that time, it has attracted 244,000 new residents from other parts of the United States, while older cities experienced high rates of out-migration.
  • It is even catching up on foreign immigration, enjoying a rate comparable with New York's and roughly 50 percent higher than that of Boston or Chicago.
  • Between 2000 and 2009, Houston's employment grew by 260,000; greater New York City -- with nearly three times the population of Houston -- has added only 96,000 jobs.
  • In contrast, the Chicago area has lost 258,000 jobs, San Francisco 217,000, Los Angeles 168,000 and Boston 100,004
Houston, perhaps more than any city in the advanced industrial world, epitomizes the René Descartes ideal -- applied to the 17th century entrepreneurial hotbed of Amsterdam -- of a great city offering "an inventory of the possible" to longtime residents and newcomers alike.  This, more than anything, promises to give Houstonites the future, says Kotkin.

Source: Joel Kotkin, "Houston: Model City," Forbes Magazine, May 20, 2010.
For text:
For more on State and Local Issues:


Update 05/27/2010 Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin

Found video report from KOB TV below

This morning a poll was released that showed Martinez up by 10%. See Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Martinez pulls ahead of Weh by 10% in latest poll for many other interesting findings from that poll.

Now KOB-TV just aired poll result of Martinez 43% and Weh 33% on 6 pm news that mirrors the poll from earlier today (see above link). KOB-TV shows Martinez  49% to Denish 43%!!! Unbelievable.

For other recent posts concerning Martinez and Weh at Values Voter News see Why has Allen Weh stopped posting press releases on his web site since the 18th as Susana Martinez has point by point rebuttals on her web site? and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh? and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with.


Update Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin
Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA 

From report on KOB tv concerning the newest poll

For other recent posts concerning Martinez and Weh see Why has Allen Weh stopped posting press releases on his web site since the 18th as Susana Martinez has point by point rebuttals on her web site?
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh? 
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with.

This morning a poll was released that showed Martinez up by 10%. See Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Martinez pulls ahead of Weh by 10% in latest poll for many other interesting findings from that poll.

Now KOB-TV just aired poll result of Martinez 43% and Weh 33% on 6 pm news that mirrors the poll from earlier today (see above link). KOB-TV is to release a poll result that most have been waiting for for a long time: How does Martinez do up against Denish? Keep watching KOB-TV. Will post links to actual poll results when I find them.


Check out these local news reports of the impact that the Tea Party Express and Tea Partiers are having in Utah on the Republican primary.

And another local news report.

Below are some pictures of a Tea Party Express rally with Palin in Reid's hometown from some months ago.


Update 05/27/2010 Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin
Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA 

Click here for the link to Allen Weh's web site where he normally posts his Press Releases. Notice that he hasn't posted a Press Release since 05/18/2010.

Now, click here for link to Susana Martinez's web site where she has been keeping up to day with point by point rebuttals to Weh's claims and more.

This week has been a bad week for Allen Weh as he has made some mistakes with misleading Press Releases and campaign ads with a new poll showing him down big. See Santa Fe T.E.A. Party accuses Weh of deceptively spinning endorsement and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Martinez pulls ahead of Weh by 10% in latest poll. As you review the issues I think you will find that a possible reason why Weh has stopped the Press Releases on his site is that he really put himself between a rock and a hard place.

Watch some local news reports below from last week concerning some of the above issues. With the voters being more concerned this election than most elections in the past and that combining with voters having access to the internet like never before I think it is getting harder to get away with mistakes in campaigning like Weh has made and win. Not only that but think about how Denish will use his mistakes against him. Just another reason that Martinez has a better chance at beating Denish. I really believe a vote for Weh is a wasted vote.

Here are links to other reasons why I have cast my vote for Susana Martinez at Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh? and Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with.


Update 05/27/2010 Palin endorsed Susana Martinez 42% Diane Denish 43% for NM Governor which is a 20 point pickup since last March before Palin
Newest poll: Susana Martinez 49% Diane Denish 43% via KOB-TV and SurveyUSA 

Related: Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Why I just voted for Susana Martinez over Allen Weh?
Susana Martinez vs Allen Weh: Further reasons why Susana will be the better candidate to beat Denish with. reports the latest poll in an online article titled Martinez pulls ahead of Weh, poll finds

Here are the highlights:

"Susana Martinez has an 11-point lead over Allen Weh in the Republican gubernatorial primary race, a new poll shows."

"The number of undecideds – 8 percent – was less than the margin of Martinez’s lead."
 Poll has "a margin of error of plus or minus 3.53 percentage points."

"Martinez led among men 47 percent to 28 percent"

Interestingly enough "Weh led among women, 35 percent to 30 percent." 

But Martinez as expected led "among Hispanics 62 percent to 20 percent." And that right there will be key when going up against Denish and the issue of illegal immigration.

"The new poll shows that Martinez has surged in the last two weeks. On May 16, the Albuquerque Journal released its poll that showed Weh leading Martinez 31 percent to 30 percent, with the other three candidates all at 10 percent or less."

So what happened since then? "Martinez has been endorsed by Sarah Palin and also gotten the backing of the state’s three largest newspapers – the Albuquerque Journal, Las Cruces Sun-News and Santa Fe New Mexican....the state GOP chairman has called Weh out for dishonest ads has received a lot of attention." I would add that Weh made a big mistake with the Tea Party as he had a press release that made him appear to be endorsed by the "NM Tea Party" to which the Santa Fe Tea Party had this response at Santa Fe T.E.A. Party accuses Weh of deceptively spinning endorsement. Weh has not posted any responses on his web site since 05/18/2010 during this week of controversy whereas Susana has been responding point by point to each claim on her web site. I would also add that from my understanding no Republicans in office right now that are endorsing Weh or at least about 9 to 1 are endorsing Martinez which is telling as to who really has a chance against Denish.

Now back to the article which I have in large part agreed with except my additions above.

"Martinez’s hard-line stance on immigration is apparently resonating with GOP voters – and men in particular – while Weh’s attempt to defend himself from her accusation that he supported amnesty hasn’t worked."

Now the other note of interest is that John Sanchez is polling to win in the Lt Governor race. This would be great for New Mexico Republicans to have two reputable Hispanics running for Governor and Lt Governor in a year that illegal immigration is such an issue!!!