Update 03/02/2010 Pepsi boycott is over with see PepsiCo practices reflect change; AFA suspends boycott

Update 05/08/2009 Now over 311,000 signatures and Pepsico will sponsor the usually sexually Gay Pride Parade in New York City 2009.

Update 05/04/2009 Now over 303,000 have signed to boycott Pepsico products.


Where they are taught to accept homosexuality. For the proof see http://www.afa.net/boycottpepsico/hrccei.htm.

And now two explicit episodes that Pepsico has helped sponsor that are so explicit I will not put them here but with a link to them at http://www.boycottpepsico.com/ with a warning of extremely graphic. One was on Family Guy where it was said "Jesus Christ, who hates many people, but none more than homosexuals." but the most recent one is an aggressive and explicit scene between two men.

To sign with now over 297,000 others in boycott of Pepsico click here.

Pepsico opposes resolution regarding donations to homosexual activist groups from AFA

Update 05/06/2009 OneNewsNow.com reports, "Quinlan, himself a former homosexual, says he is pleased with the outcome of Resolution No. 6. As he explains, it only takes three percent of the stockholder vote to keep a resolution alive.

"And I was told by people in the know that if we got five to six percent it would be a miracle. We got over five percent," he shares. "That is an answer to prayer, and it keeps the issue alive in front of the Pepsico board of directors and in front of their shareholders."

Pepsico Foundation officials said they would be in touch with Quinlan to continue a dialogue on the issue. But he urged American Family Association members and others to continue the boycott against Pepsico because he believes it is helping set the stage for possible change. AFA announced the boycott in January.


"Please help us get this information into the hands of as many people as possible by forwarding it to your entire e-mail list of family and friends.

PepsiCo opposes resolution regarding donations to homosexual activist groups

April 17, 2009

Dear .

PepsiCo, one of the leading corporate promoters of the homosexual agenda, is opposing a shareholder resolution that requires it provide more information concerning its charitable contributions. The resolution will be voted on at the shareholders meeting May 6. The resolution reads:

"Resolved: That the shareholders request the Company to provide a semiannual report...disclosing: the Company's standards for choosing which organizations receive the Company's assets in the form of charitable contributions; business rationale and purpose for each of the charitable contributions; personnel who participated in making the decisions to contribute; the benefits to the Company and beneficiaries produced by Company contributions; and a follow-up confirming that the organization actually used the contributions for the purpose stated."

As expected, PepsiCo opposes the resolution. AFA asked Pepsi to remain neutral in the culture war, but the company refused - choosing to support the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage.

The resolution was filed after it was discovered that PepsiCo gave a combined $1,000,000 to the Human Rights Campaign (the nation’s largest homosexual organization) and Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays to promote the homosexual lifestyle in the workplace."

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PepsiCo opposes resolution regarding donations to homosexual activist groups
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