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New TV ad by Media Matters

Loud Dobbs defending why he is bringing up the question

Now let me try to irrefutably prove that this has nothing to do with race by the below video from Lou Dobbs tonight show on about 07/18/2009 or so. Notice that the gentleman who is on the lawsuit is himself a black independent presidential candidate from '08. Alan Keyes has been at the forefront of this issue since
before the election.

Now I wonder if Media Matters and those in Big Media will quite skirting the question by claiming racism and answer the questions. I will let you decide as to whether or not Media Matters ad is justified. I find it slanderous equating an innocent man of racism in the category of racists. This is exactly why this issue continues to exist is because of the irrational responses of those on the left on this issue.

Below I am quoting from a post at: Dr Fukino's second statement confirms errors at and FactCheck over Obama's birth certificate

"Facts on this case:

Fact 1: The Certificate of Live Birth that Obama posted on his web site being a "copy" or a document that proves there is an "original birth certificate/vital records". This naturally led many to seek the original to evidence forth the copy.

Fact 2: Dr Fukino states she verified the existence of the "original birth certificate/vital records" in '08. This naturally led many to seek to know what the "original birth certificate/vital records" actually read.

Fact 3: Dr Fukino states she has verified what is said on the "original birth certificate/vital records" namely that Obama is born in Hawaii and is a natural born citizen in '09. This is naturally leading many to want to see it for themselves or to have further verification by more then one.

Fact 4: The Obama Administration has yet to release those documents to the public or anyone else as far as we know nor has Dr Fukino. This is naturally leading many to question why.

Fact 5: So the best evidence we have of Obama's natural born citizenship via his original birth certificate/vital records to date is the statement by Dr Fukino.

Now wherever you stand on this issue is up to you. These are the facts. If Dr Fukino's word is good enough for you and you think her word should settle this issue then fine. But none the less at least be understanding of those who seek better evidence when it is available to seek."

Now here is my interpretation as to why this issue continues to prevail.

"So now the obvious and fair question that Big Media and those on the left on this issue are ignoring is: Why not release the evidence? This is not about a conspiracy but rather transparency. Why not release the information to the public or to a non-partisan independent group of some sort or to respected members of both sides to verify? Is it really enough to go on this Dr's word?

So in conclusion what is at base from the perspective here at Values Voter News that is fueling the fire of this controversy is the Administration's and Big Media's inability to put out the flames by actually fanning those flames themselves by:

#1) not asking the right question of the Obama Administration which is: Why not release the original birth certificate/vital records that Dr Fukino has confirmed exists that according to her proves Obama's natural born citizenship?

#2) whenever the issue is brought up by a better informed/understanding of the issue media the Obama Administration continues to fan the flame by failing to answer the above question by continually pointing to the birth certificate they produced online which totally skirts the question.

#3) Big Media only repeats what the Administration set forth in their answer and refuses to seek the best evidence available that is known to exists.

So if Big Media and the Obama Administration want this to go away then they can take some steps forward to practice what they preach by 1) asking the right question then 2) answering the question and 3) to seek and reveal the best evidence that exists.

Again it's about transparency not conspiracy and seeking the best possible evidence when known to exist."